Automatic Pile Cage Roll Welding Machine
It Can Perfectly Match the Rebar Cage Wire Welding Machine. The Mechanized Operation Is Not Affected by Human Factors, And the Quality Can Be Stabilized for a Long Time. It Is Suitable for the Design Requirements of the Quantity, Form, Model, Size and Length of Various Main Rebars, And It Will Not Affect the Design of the Cage and the Distributed Maneuvering Operation at the Construction Site Due to the Equipment Function. The Combined Design Makes the Processes of Handling, Installation, And Production Independent of Lifting Equipment, And Is Suitable for Factory-Based Large-Scale Fixed Production and Decentralized Mobile Operations at the Construction Site. Achieving Fully Automatic Welding of Rebar Cage Wire, Improving Work Efficiency, Reducing Manual Work Intensity, And Providing Rebar Cage Welding Quality; With Automatic Welding System;
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