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      The nature of Competition among enterprises is the talent. Talent is the lifeblood of business development. Since the beginning of CNC it’s sure to create a people-oriented business philosophy, in the highly competitive information industry to adhere to grasp the essence of the knowledge economy, implementing of human resources strategy. The establishment of a dedicated, united, cooperative, innovative, a sense of crisis, high-quality staff, to provide customers with thoughtful, first-class products,and in the industry establish a good brand image.
Strategic thinking: grasp the essence of the knowledge economy, Emphasis on intellectual capital of human resource
1、1.The establishment of unity, stability, and high-quality leading cadres, to ensure the science, harmonious and efficient of enterprise management philosophy and culture philosophy.
2、2.Construction of high-level, high level of professional and technical personnel, to strengthen research and development efforts to ensure that our products maintain a leading edge in technology.
3、3.Establish effective marketing personnel and increase the market share of our products.
4、4.The establishment of efficient management personnel, to ensure efficient implementation of business strategy and creative improvements.
Strategic implementation plan
1、1.Emphasis on training, training is the necessary means to improve employee’s job skills, identify the enterprise culture, create high-quality employees to meet the requirements of CNC. Through training within the company found talents, training talents, optimize the use of talents, combine the company’s success with personal growth, really make employees and enterprises achieve "interaction."
2、2.For the high-level talents need to actively introduce, good or bad use of intellectual capital is the key to winning business. Increase intellectual capital investment to high-level professionals is the essential inputs to maintain business management, technology, marketing and other important aspects innovation.
3、3.Establish the appropriate use of human resources platform.
Within the company adhere to people-oriented management philosophy, establishing value talent management system, incentive mechanism, distribution system, creating suitable work environment for talented people, giving them a stage to display their talent. Create conditions to find talent, training talent, attract and retain qualified personnel. Let those who truly talented become the main force of development of the company.
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