H Beam CNC Plasma Cutting Machine
Support H-Beam, I-Beam, Channel Steel, Angle Steel and Other Materials Cutting; The Equipment is a 7-Axis 5-Linkage and Supports End Beveling. The System Controls the Angle and Does Not Swing the Torch Head Artificially, Thereby Improving Efficiency and Ensuring Cutting Accuracy. Clamping with Oil Cylinder for Mobile Feeding, Which has Greater Clamping Force Than Other Manufacturers' Cylinder Clamping Method, Suitable for Cutting Heavy H-Beams and Larger-Sized Profiles; The Shaft of the Swinging Torch Adopts a Harmonic Reducer, Which is More Stable and Does Not Shake the Torch; The Feeding Table Adopts 24kg Guide Rail Bilateral Servo Drive, Regardless of the Length of Feeding, It Can Automatically Feed the Material in Place at one Time, Improve the Feeding Efficiency and Ensure the Accuracy of Feeding.
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